Tis the Season to be Busy

Dayton Kingery, founder of BusyBodies365

Wrote a piece at Thrive Global about BusyBodies365.com and what BusyBodies365 means to me.

It means that every night when your head hits the pillow there’s at least one thing you’re proud of from the day.

Every day we have is a gift – and every minute we have at our disposal has the potential for greatness. It’s hard to think this way when we’re stuck in traffic, waiting in the doctor’s office or waiting for a bus.

But these minutes can be put to great use – listen to a podcast to increase your knowledge or read a book while waiting around.

Yes being hold up during these COVID times was frustrating but there are people who learned a new language or a new skill during it.

The trap is to write off the time and think nothing good could come of it. Even if you spend all Sunday watching football – you can do something else while it’s on in the background such as cleaning up around the house.

Staying busy isn’t just about having something to do, but you can take your life to unexpected places.