Mondays by Dayton Kingery

Dayton Kingery, founder of BusyBodies365, writes about starting the week off on the right foot

It’s not just Garfield who has an issue with Mondays. It can be hard to start off the week in the right frame of mind especially if you’ve had an amazing weekend.

You’re not focused and before you know it it’s lunchtime. Then you’re done on yourself for wasting the day. In turn you don’t want your Tuesday to suffer because of whatever happened the day before.

What can one do about this?

First of all, have realistic expectations. You could be still on a high from a wonderful weekend or still on a low from a difficult one – either way, the end result is the same which is that you’re going to have a difficult time concentrating.

Prioritize your work accordingly so you can fine tasks you can complete in this state of mind – this will allow you to be productive and feel like the day isn’t a complete write-off.

If you want to conquer this and squeeze the pips out of the day than give yourself a task that you can get straight into – this is going to take your mind off everything else.

The hardest thing sometimes is just to start so don’t allow yourself a chance to get distracted. Some people write themselves a list before they sign off for the weekend so on Monday morning they know what they should begin with.

Know yourself. If you’re an afternoon/evening person and struggle with the mornings, than don’t beat yourself up for doing so.

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up. If you haven’t had a productive morning, the worst thing you can do is be so upset about this that it results in you not having a productive afternoon.