Dayton Kingery

Dayton Kingery has made a commitment to helping others. Understanding the importance of giving back to his community as well as underprivileged communities, Kingery volunteered his time with youngsters at Inspirica. This nonprofit entity seeks to give assistance to individuals and families who have become stuck in the homeless-jobless rut. The idea behind the organization is to start with education – something Dayton Kingery has been pursuing with participants there since 2014.

As well as his work with others, Greenwich, Connecticut’s Dayton Kingery, one day hopes to become a pilot. To date, he has undertaken three solo flights within the span of 40 flight time hours in his efforts to become fully licensed. The fitness element of Dayton’s life began in his early years, most notably with his love of soccer which played in high school. This then led to his understanding of the importance of fitness – both mentally and physically – which resulted in his commitment to help others in the pursuit of a healthy mind and a healthy body.